Nicole Barr

Enamel is our passion! A passion that has required real commitment from the day we started as a small jewelry company in 1982

Today that commitment to creating vibrant, colorful jewelry and cufflinks of the highest quality has attracted the attention of even the most demanding of our peers, like Fabergé. 

Our sales team has more than 30 years’ experience serving fine jewelers in America and Europe.  To ensure that we provide you with high quality jewelry, we work with skilled artisans in our own American-managed, state-of-the-art factory in Thailand.

In the tradition of master enamelers like René Lalique  and Eugene Feuillâtre, Nicole Barr uses true vitreous enamel (hard fired glass) painstakingly applied by hand to 18 K gold and sterling silver – complemented with the finest diamonds, pearls and gemstones.

We specialize in a difficult technique called plique-á-jour, where the enamel is suspended between delicate wires of silver or gold without a backing, allowing the light to shine through.